South Bae Agent

From what started as an Instagram "like" and comment soon turned into a passion project pursuit and is now an active mini-series on social media.

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Jillian Spokely (@southbaeagent) took notice of my photographic eye, and her drive and passion for the local town we shared easily stood out to me.

I reached out, saying that I would love to help her create some meaningful videos, she came back to me with a dream and a vision.

She was ready to start her own mini-series. I couldn't say no.
So, with her strategic plan and my creativity, we quickly got to work.

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Check out the first episode of Jillian Spokely's South Bae Mini-Series below.

Jillian Spokely-South Bae Agent (@southbaeagent)-gives us a look into her personal life and style as she hustles her way to being the top realtor in the south bay area. On this journey, she'll take us around to meet and hear stories of amazingly creative and professional residents of the south bay.



After quickly finding our stride and aligning on a creative vision, it was time to find the first subject of Jillian's mini-series. Insert: KCM Studio.

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Kimberly Colletti of KCM Studio in Redondo Beach, CA is a talented interior designer that shares a passion for fashion, design, and all things classy.

She was a great feature to have on this new show–hearing her story, feeling her love of design, and seeing her working space was truly inspiring. 

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Check out episode 2 of the South Bae Mini-Series featuring Kimberly Colletti.

On this episode, we meet Kimberly Colletti of KCM Design Studios. Watch to hear her story and see her glamorous business! In this series, Jillian Spokely-South Bae Agent (@southbaeagent)-gives us a look into the creative and professional residents of the south bay area.