Making History

In the closing of 2015 and into the start 2016, the Wartburg women's basketball team was on a road they had never traveled before: the road to victory. After a successful regular season, they were on their way to Ohio for the Final Four.

As Wartburg College's newly appointed Digital Media Producer, I was fortunate to be able to witness first-hand the success of these women. Our department deemed it crucial for me to document the experience and create a story to share for years to come. It wouldn't be without its own challenges, though.


The Challenge

As I traveled with the team to Columbus, Ohio, I was the sole member of our creative department representing the college and making all the production decisions for how I would capture and share this story in the making.

  1. How am I going to be in the right place at the right time to capture the unknown outcome of this Final Four game?
  2. Despite the outcome, how am I going to use what I capture to create a compelling story for viewers to follow and feel for?
  3. What other variables might I need to account for to complete this story?

The Contribution

As the game progressed and outcomes and emotions changed, I had to be "Johnny on the Spot", ready with camera in hand. I was hustling from under the hoop, to behind the bench, to up in the stands–making sure I captured all of the energy from everyone invested in this game.

Along with being in the right place at the right time, I was conscious and selective in what to focus on and capture. Whether there was a crying player, a moment of excitement, and every shot made, I had to document all of the changes in this game to be able to compile that in post–best serving the story.

Apart from what I witnessed and captured at the Final Four game, there was going to be more to follow-up with after this moment in our college's history. A coworker and I were sure to catch-up with key players from the game and interview them–asking the right questions from beginning to end.


The Conclusion

After the final buzzer and everyone made it back to Wartburg, I helped conduct interviews. I then took the hours of footage into the editing bay. I spent all of my time crafting and telling this story in a timely manner so all who were or weren't there could relive this historic moment for the women's basketball team.

The final 4 minute documentary was something I made sure carried viewers and their emotions all the way through, reflecting all that the team and school felt.

Watch the documentary below.