Behind the Scenes



If you're reading this, welcome.
My goal with this page in my newly-renovated website is to add an area where I can briefly share what's going on. What am I doing socially, anti-socially, constructively, or how am I simply wasting my time? This is where I'll share all of that, as transparently as I can. It's not as thought-out and extensive as my blog - it's simpler.
Drop in weekly (subject to change) to keep up.



Day (night) 2 on my website renovation.
I've successfully figured out how to add "comment" sections to any page on my site, bypassing the "blog" stipulation. My intention with this is to allow readers / users to share their thoughts at any point about my content in given sections on here.
I'm also checking out a new layout to configure my site to. I've had this current layout and design for 2 years now, and I think it's time for a face-lift.
So stay tuned - this is time-intensive, but I want to do it right.

P.S. - the block formatting of this section is shit; figuring that out as I go, too.


It's 11:15 at night (late) and I've made a lot of progress.
1. I've modified, updated, and set my new web layout to "live"
2. I've updated a lot of content and copy, and optimized for mobile
3. I've implemented new features, but will need explore and expand those further
4. I fucked up the body font somehow, and will get that back to normal tomorrow
5. I've ~sort of~ figured out how to set a video as my home page background. This either may be easy, or will require a lot of coding (if you're a coder of HTML5 or CSS, please reach out to me (via my CONTACT button, duh!))
6. I will be cleaning things up tomorrow (Friday), and working on the home page background video Saturday
7. Is there a 7th item ?

Okay. Goodnight.



More improvements and additions to my website.
My plan is to incorporate more areas to explore and pages to read. I will also be implementing areas for readers to comment and leave feedback and / or comments.

Going to experiment with adding a video header, which means an early wake-up call...

Stay tuned. 


Video header is live!
Got up early (missed my alarm), dipped in the 60º ocean, and captured some bliss.
I'll be tweaking the image look and style a bit, but I was able to test and get a format to work properly. I'm kind of excited.



Yeah, yeah, I know... it's been a minute. But I'm returning with a new agenda and outlook.
I'm moving forward with a plan, even if it's not the right one; I'm going to figure it out along the way. I very often dive into things head first and hope to catch my breath on the way down. However, I do still retain a conscious and meticulous thought process in the things I do and say. Sometimes, though, you just need to say "F**k it!" and go for it.

So, here's to moving forward and doing bigger and better things in 2018!
More to come.


"Whatever sets your soul on fire - do that."
These words have been resonating with me very strongly as of late, and I've been trying to focus and hone in on what exactly it is I'm supposed to be doing.

A lot of existential questions have been posed in my mind, so it's time to start putting them down on paper and screen. The answers to these questions lie in the search and in the process of doing, so "do" I shall.



Technical fix: I resolved a padding issue in my blog section.
I apologize to any readers on desktop for the stretched-thin text.

Happy reading!


You know when you get an idea, and you think,
"Wow, this is so obvious! Why didn't I do this sooner?"

Yeah. That happened just now.
I kick myself a little, thinking about the time or impressions I've possibly lost or missed for not having thought of certain things sooner...

But that's a part of growing! Things are often as good as we think they are at the time, and then we learn more, and then things change and evolve.

That's life.



It's funny how ideas work; last night started out with needing to make a few changes to my website. A few simple restructures of pages and content quickly turned into practically a whole website redesign...

I finally turned in around 1a.m., but the hours of work I put into this were well worth it; the changes I've made are for the better.

As much as I loved the video header (which was really a GIF - so lower quality), it didn't quite fit–either technically or aesthetically. Because I was so limited with it–and didn't want to get "stuck"–I've formatted some new photos I captured to better fit the design and my theme.

You can now see all of my work laid out nice and neat for people to click and watch, and understand what it is or who I created for.

Some other stuff moved, but I'm planning to create and expand on more sections, specifically a video series, as well as new photography ventures.

Speaking of photography and the new photos I captured–how would you like one of those to hang in your apartment, home, or at your work?
Stay tuned about when and how you can get your hands on some original, high-quality prints from yours truly.


It's been 2 months; 2 very slow, long months on the creative front.
Progress has seemed to move at a snail's pace–and at times almost not at all–but I've kept moving, and things are starting to happen and pick up.

There's a phrase I like to keep in perspective, and that's "fail forward", which to me: if I'm not on an upward path of progress, at least be learning from your mistakes, not getting set-back. Growth comes in many forms, and you have to recognize what situation you're currently in and work to do better.

I've stretched my mind, challenged my comfortability, and have exercised my creative talents each and every day. Life isn't always about "more"; in my time of putting out less, I've made sure to be internally taking in and learning more. That will in turn lead to me doing better and putting out content that matters for the right reasons.

It's been a balance of consuming, growing, working, and then sharing. I'm proud to release some projects I've been working on in collaboration with talented and driven individuals. I'm excited to be at the last stage, only to then start this exciting process all over again.

Keep a look out.



4:30 am.
Couldn't sleep.
Making some changes to my website design and responsiveness.
Mainly: fixing a scroll issue on mobile, and check out that new welcome screen!


Came across some inspiration for design and content changes recently.
I completely reworked what was my “collaborations” page into my now “commissions” page. It’s a change that’s more encompassing, honest, and clean with the design.
These changes caused me to have to delete some pages, due to my account type (limit reached). So I had to get rid of the following: Blog index, and the “Capabilities” page, which was renamed to “Expertise” and merged into the “About Me” page. Consolidation!
Already getting another idea as I write this to reconfigure the header menu and layout…
To be continued!



Refresh. Revamp. Regretting working on this and not doing more pressing things… Enjoy!