What's Out There? | Op-Ed

Whenever we find ourselves in an unfamiliar situation, place, or time in life, questions undoubtedly arise: what now? what next? what if? The lack of immediate answers can be unsettling.

As psychology would point out: if / when someone faces such a situation, there's essentially two modes people's mind and body kick into when faced with uncertainty: fight or flight.
That's it–face fear or run away.

No matter what you choose, one thing that will remain constant is the looming question: what's out there? If you took the action of "flight", you'll have never cured that fear of the unknown and faced the problem. If you took the action of "fight", you'll have just started to satisfy your curiosity.

Once you fight–or answer "what's out there?" that is–and challenge the unknown, you open up many more opportunities and chances to once again face your fears–face the unknown–and answer the questions of "what". That can be very rewarding.

Taking new steps will allow you to open up, know, learn, and grow. Sometimes the best way to solve your problems is to stop dipping your foot in the pool and just dive the f**k in.