Society's Catch 22 | Op-Ed

Things change, it's inevitable; technology advances, and society evolves. Or so I thought.

In the wake of such great progress and ultimately good intentions, there are unfortunately some important aspects to social constructs that get left by the wayside.

The prompt for this blog came when I saw a tweet, which in gist said something like, "My kid just said 'Don't forget to subscribe' after saying goodnight." The phrase "subscribe" is in reference to what many YouTuber's say within their videos to audiences watching; a plug to gain more following and attention.

This tweet left me filled with many emotions, but largely, I couldn't have felt more embarrassed and sad for the state of our society as it "progresses" into the future.

Now yes, there are bigger problems to be focused on - I get that. However, I'm a man of certain ideals, and when I read this tweet, it made me concerned for future generations being raised. It also made me question if and how I'll be able to "properly" raise my children. This is important to me, and I felt like opening up a dialogue with this post.

Basic manners and social etiquette ideals are being lost. For example, school systems are phasing out teaching cursive - how will our children know how to write, sign, officialize checks, documents, etc.? Then there's the decline of all-encompassing basic social manners; apps and social media make it more convenient than ever to avoid physical human interaction.

This is highly detrimental to not only social health (manners, conversations, greetings, etc.), but also emotional health. People can easily avoid each other now, and don't have to come face-to-face with problems, events, or feel the general display of face and voice emotional cues. Such a deprivation will greatly hinder how we grow and communicate personally and with one-another.

There are two sides to every argument, though, and I'm aware of the benefits and promises of social media and technology.

Should someone not keep up with the evolving state of our social world, they could potentially be put into a disadvantageous situation. Companies, businesses, families, and people are finding more efficient and safer ways to communicate and share thanks to these advances. Technology is making it's way into almost every facet of society, all with the intention of serving better purposes and improving quality of life.

Ultimately, surviving professionally, socially (and perhaps emotionally) in todays age involves taking advantage of the promises and benefits technology has to offer. I would, however, strongly argue that if we don't carry with us the basic fundamentals that make us "human" from generation to generation, we will surely succumb to AI (artificial intelligence) and become a slave, or worse - extinct.

At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself: are you scared you’ll forget or that no one will notice? Food for thought.