Why Didn't We Go Plant-Based Sooner? | Personal

We've all been perusing through Netflix late at night, and we inevitably get sucked into the endless hole that is binge-watching. Sometimes, we make it out with having learned something. Other times, we've just simply wasted 13 hours of our lives.

I am lucky enough to be with a girl who enjoys watching documentaries as much as I do. Granted, we do have our (vastly) different show genres in which we find guilty pleasure, but we can sometimes come together and agree on watching something of educational value.

It's taken about 3 documentaries on food and health for us to fully realize (or as the kids say, "be woke") and get motivated into changing our habits on consumption. Between 'Food Matters', 'What The Health', and a couple other documentaries, we were compelled by the alarming information to make an immediate change into the food we eat and buy.

Now, we're not "suckers". I am a filmmaker, with documentary being one discipline, and I have been taught to question everything. So naturally as we watched the above mentioned titles, I raised questions and sought out answers on my own. But by and large, we were convinced. Thus, we've made the switch to eating (mostly) plant-based foods. I myself am still comfortable consuming (quality) seafood and eggs.

Since living in southern California for almost 1 year now, we've been exposed and opened up to great new things, many of which being food options. We have year-round farmers markets, as well as new quality and budget-friendly stores to do our daily shopping at.

However, if you don't have access to such outlets, there is luckily this thing called the internet, where you can easily buy and ship fresh, organic, and quality foods to you without having to pause your current binge-worthy show.

I've recently come across Thrive Market, a great online resource for healthy food, products, and affordable prices. The quality is as good as other big markets (comparable to that one store, where food is whole, um... I'll get back to you with the name later), and the selection is as good as, if not better than, most other organic and healthy stores.

Through Thrive Market, I can shop for everything I need without having to drive to 2 or 3 different stores for the same products, but at higher prices. Gas is not cheap in SoCal, and time is also very valuable, so this online source has been a life saver during this transition for my girlfriend and I's diet and habits.

If you check out Thrive Market and want to do some shopping, I have a code for anyone interested, and using this will get you 30 days free to try them out. Just click this link: Shawn + Thrive to get this deal today.

It's free to cancel if you change your mind and wish to go back to a different diet, but they're also a great deal for regular household and hygiene items. It doesn't affect me if you choose not to try out this lifestyle, but I promise that you'll only benefit from this healthy choice. Oh, and did I mention free shipping?

I understand that this post is different than my regular blogs, but I'm very excited about this personal choice my girlfriend and I made, and I simply wish to share new and healthy ideas with readers of this blog. Also, there'll be more deals and opportunities to share, so come back or follow me on Twitter to see when those come out next.

Reach out to me with any questions or comments, and feel free to share your experience with me on social media!