Music Moves | Lessons

Music has a funny way of connecting with people. Whether you're a casual listener or a scholar of music, there's no denying that it has a way of eliciting some emotion, memory, or action.

Through numerous studies (which I'm not going to list here - this isn't a research paper), music has been found to help alleviate depression, cope with learning, and even raise moods in people.

Music has also been shown to strengthen memories, increase performance during physical exercise, and can even help put people to sleep. It's a hell of a drug.

Besides also making people want to dance, music has a weird way of linking sounds or songs to certain memories. When you hear something, you're instantly transported back to a specific time and place.

For example, I moved out to Los Angeles almost 2 years ago. That was a big time and change in my life. I've always been one to change my surroundings, environment, or even little things in my day-to-day (playlists, apps, phone wallpaper - whatever!), but usually when there's big shifts in your life, a new way is formed in which things are associated.

There's songs I listen to now, that when I hear them, I'm immediately taken back to the summer when I drove into LA, moved into my studio apartment, or when I went running in the Hollywood Hills. There's such a nostalgic association with it - such a positive energy that is re-kindled - it makes for such a feel-good moment.

Some personal history: I grew up playing the drums, and I can recount a few times of when I think back to a song or concert with the school band, I instantly tear-up, simply because I enjoyed that moment and the music or song made me feel so happy.

Some science-y information: you know when you listen to music, and sometimes your skin will tingle or get goose-bumps (or whatever the hell you call it)? That's called "frisson" or "musical fisson" - a neurological response / reaction; a.k.a. "aesthetic chills".
Pretty neat.

Currently, here's a short playlist of the most up-to-date songs that inspire, move, or make me feel some kind of way. Take a listen:


Have anything to add or share? Leave a comment below 👇🏼 or even add your own songs to this collaborative Spotify playlist.

Otherwise: keep listening to and doing what makes you feel good. 🎧