Thoughts On iOS 10

Apple is bruised and becoming rotten...

Being a "beta tester" for Apple simply means I get to try out and experience new Apple OS releases early. And for the most part, the updates and new features have been good.

iOS 9 gave some stability among the new emojis, and I've found the over-all look and experience in which Apple was taking the iPhone to be fun and intuitive alongside it also being innovative.

Then came iOS 10...

Now, being in beta, there's obvious errors in operation. But the amount of errors and glitches? Astonishing.

Aside from many apps not working, apps resetting back to an earlier version, the occasional app / phone crash, etcetera etcetera...there's my issue with the look.

Apple's look and aesthetic goes without saying.
That being said, they've taken a shift away from that with the latest OS version...


  • Icons (e.g. Wifi, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb) now have color instead of the most recent transparent + black & white styles.
  • The music controls from the lock screen are ridiculously large.
  • Emoji's are 2-3 times bigger within the message app, which appears to be the default size with no option to change that.
  • The notifications are now in a block style with white outlines, rather than the transparent and almost seamless appearances of the previous version.
  • It no longer displays the date when swiping down to show the notification center.
  • And I'm sure there's more, but let's not just focus on the negative.


  • The speed has improved - apps opening and closing seem smooth, faster, and fairly responsive.
  • Instead of swiping to unlock, you simply just press the home button (for both finger print and code unlock).
  • There's a sweet new background image.
  • Um....

With only a general, first-impressions overview of iOS 10, it's difficult to find many things that intrigue, excite, and impress me.

I hope different features come about in a later, more stable release of this operating system.
As of right now though, I'd say watch yourself Apple - you're looking an awful lot like a little green alien lately.