Home Is Where Your Heart Is | Personal

I was recently called back to Iowa - the place where I grew up, for a quick visit, although for unfortunate reasons. Despite the reason for being back home, this was the first time in 3 months I was back in the midwest after moving to Los Angeles with my girlfriend.

Thoughts of visiting Iowa hadn't come up often. Of course, there was the tug and pull and friends and family expressing how much they missed us. But I wasn't ready to go back. That wasn't home anymore.

It was a weird realization, being back in a place that the majority of my life had been occupied in.
I came back, and things felt different. This wasn't my place of residence anymore. Long-time friends have started to move on with things in their lives as well, and so the sense of "going back home" wasn't there.

Here's the irony: I went back to my small hometown. There, I felt big - like everyone knew me and I stood out. However, I couldn't have felt smaller - that my thoughts and ideas and dreams were hindered. I had outgrown that small place.

Then, when being back in LA: I felt small - like no one knew my name, and probably would never run into me again. However, I felt big - like my ideas and aspirations had room to grow and could prosper with like-minded individuals.

So it's weird: home changes. It goes where your mind wanders, and where your dreams are realized and brought to fruition. The heart wants what it wants, and where it's happiest is where you'll find home.