4 Truths In Life | Lessons

Life is subjective; different circumstances lead people all over this Earth to live life as they best see fit. For many, life can be viewed as an opportunity for exploring, learning, creating, and growing. Those opportunities can all be accomplished either mentally, physically, or in any other form we determine. Above all: do something, and do it for the right reasons. Capisce?

Let's explore this a step further...
We all have reasons for "doing something", whether that be because of our curiosities, interests, or paths of "success" which we deem important. Beyond those surface-level inquisitions, though, I've come to learn that there are certain underlying factors which motivate our reasons and choices for continuing on our path in life.

These motivating factors to "what", "why", and "how" we do anything at all have simple answers. However, the challenge is getting to those answers, and it's easy to get lost along the way. But, if we can identify these "4 truths", it'll help clear up our vision and outlook on life.

I would define the first of these truths as "Passion". Passion is what initially drives our curiosities and interests. It's passion that makes us yearn to understand or learn something further, perhaps making something more than just a hobby of it.

Once we find something to be a passion of ours, we're going to need the next truth: "Purpose". Purpose is the "why" behind our passion - giving us reason behind our efforts and allowing us to dive deeper into what it is we love. Without purpose, our passions remain stagnant and inevitably exist as merely an idea. Purpose drives us to do things that are bigger and beyond ourselves.

Once passion and purpose are established, you have to keep them alive. You do that through "Practice" - the third truth. You've heard it your whole life: without practice, you nor your craft with grow; plateauing or possibly regressing are frightening but likely outcomes.

The last truth is perhaps the hardest one to find, learn, understand, and enforce. Even if you've found your passion and your purpose – and you've been practicing it – that's often not enough. Life is a marathon, not a sprint; if you find you're not getting anywhere through your efforts, that's where the fourth truth makes itself apparent, and that is: "Perseverance".

Even if you feel you're doing all the right things, answers or "success" may not always be coming your way, and that's tough. It's tough to see past why you got started in the first place, but trust me: persevere, and luck will find you.

Luck, you ask? Yes, luck: when hard work meets opportunity; that's luck. If you combine your passion, a purpose, lots of practice, and perseverance, you'll find yourself starting to get somewhere in life.