This Blogs Purpose

I've been thinking without doing lately, and that isn't growth. I'm changing that.

This blog has been lacking in content, as well as lacking in the direction in which I want to take it. So, I'm writing this to put into action what this blog is going to be used for.

My mind is constantly moving and filling with thoughts and ideas about various aspects to life. I'm actively engaged with technology, social trends / events, life, travel, but I've kept thoughts and ideas on those topics to myself instead of sharing them.

Outlets such as this blog are at my disposal, and my efforts with it are increasing. I'm doing this for me, but also for my readers. There will now be a variety of topics in which you can choose to engage with or not, and this blogs "niche" will be expanded and added to frequently. Writing more frequently and on varied topics will help to define what this blog is about.

I appreciate the love and support for my efforts, and I hope the future blog posts will inspire others, either personally, professionally, or anything in between.

Where this blog goes, I have no control. I'd rather do and make than sit and wait.