GH5: A 4K Review

GH5 test footage: shot by Neumann films, graded by Shawn Paarmann.

GH5 test footage: shot by Neumann films, graded by Shawn Paarmann.

Finally, it was recently announced at CES in Las Vegas that the GH5 will become available in early 2017 around a seductive price point of $1,999. USD.

I've long been thinking of adding a GH series camera from Panasonic to my gear bag, and have simply withheld for 1. the price, and 2. the rumor of the GH5. The price is fine - great actually; best on the competing market in my opinion, especially for being able to produce 4K LOG footage at 10-bit 4:2:2 internally. It was a matter of saving and waiting.
Well, the GH5 is here, and I've seen the greatness it can produce.

Thanks to Neumann films (, I was able to download some 4k (actually UHD: 3840 × 2160) LOG footage to try my hands on in my NLE of choice.
Naturally I took to FCPX with my Color Finale plugin and went to town.

Importing: a breeze; not a question, especially when Final Cut creates proxies for easing management of files within your program and system.

Cutting: 4K is manageable in this day and age, but that all depends on your equipment of course. I edit on my MacBook Pro, with 2.4 GHz Intel Core i7 processing and 8 GB 1600 MHz of memory. I use FCPX with the Color Finale plugin for all of my grading purposes.

Unrendered-playback had a bit of lag of course, but rendering took about as long as any other quality of footage, and my system upheld its performance and stamina.

Grading-wise, the log footage was incredible to create with. When properly shot, the color grading could be applied like butter, and the image I could produce was so flexible and malleable. I loved it.

Exporting: The process took no longer than other footage, even when I exported in Apple ProRes compared to just H.264. (I won't even start to compare the difference of render and export from FCPX compared to Adobe Premiere Pro CC...)

So not only is the footage the GH5 produces manageable and of great quality, the price point I would have to invest into getting such quality is well within budget.
The GH5 is something I can't wait to have in my equipment, and I look forward to filming and editing with it in the near future.