Create For the Sake of Creating

Many of us have ulterior motives when we set out to do something.

"Where is this going to go?"
"Will this get a lot of attention?"
"What will I get from this?"

If someone goes into a project or goal with their mind on those inconceivable notions, they won't be truly focused on the ideation at hand, and ultimately, their work will be shit.

When someone is truly passionate about the things they dream about, think about, and want to create, then they'll understand that the outcome is hardly what matters. If they enjoy the process and can say "I did my best" at the end of a project, then nothing else matters.

People should create for the sake of creating. They should love the idea of thinking, planning, executing, and sharing something they've been passionate about from the start.

It's when you stop caring about the process - or stop creating for the simple idea that it'll better yourself and your craft - it's then that the quality of work fails; the passion gets lost, and the whole philosophy behind why people do what they do is undermined and largely taken for granted.