We're Off!

Today's marks the start of my new life. 

My girlfriend Morgan and I are embarking on a life-changing journey. This morning we set out towards California where we will plant our lives and start our careers. 

After long talks, big dreams, and countless days, we finally have all of our shit packed into a box and our asses out on the open road. 

I've put my entire life savings towards this journey, and by the sounds of that you'd think it was a lot, but i assure you it wasn't. 

We couldn't be more excited, stressed, anxious, or happy. Leaving family has been hard, but coming to sunshine, warmth, the ocean, and a place we can call our new home makes this all reassuring. 

Our careers will prosper, our lives flourish, and our love grow stronger together. 

Thanks to everyone for the good wishes. 

We'll say hello from California!