Share Your Story - Pt. 5 | Series

Shared in the spring of 2015.


“I’ve been thinking a lot about human communication because I’m teaching it. Teaching rhetoric, communication, and how social media has changed the way we interact. Social media exacerbates shitty things about us, or our feelings of emptiness and loneliness and how it doesn’t create them, that sort of thing. And it’s hard to look at my students and realize that the things I’m talking to them about, that it’s hard to tell them that in 20 years they might still be children in all ways except age. People don’t grow up but they get older. But people are online like Tinder all time, trying to find some fulfillment. I felt this vast and all-encompassing loneliness hanging over everyone. It scared the shit outta me.

But at the end of the day, I think that individuals matter more than anything else, and we forget that, and we lose ourselves. And technology helps us lose ourselves even more.”