Share Your Story - Pt. 2 | Series

Shared in the spring of 2015.


“I had a nice date on Friday. We went to dinner and then went to the Opera. It was kind of an eye opener for me because I don’t date very much. I’m an older guy and it’s kind of hard to find single women. This young lady was pleasantly surprised that I would do old fashioned stuff like hold doors for her and set her chair for her at the restaurant and even pay for her. She says that’s not common anymore for the guy to pay, at least not for all of it. This was surprising to me.

My lady friend seemed to enjoy the opera; she said it was the first time she had sat through one without dozing off. Then after that, I took her home, and in an old-fashioned manner, I walked her to her door, gave her a little kiss goodnight, and that was that.”

- “That’s a pretty good date.”

“I thought so.”