The Effect Being a Creative Has Today | Lessons

Being a creative in today's world can have its pros and cons.
Specifically, it can have a toll on relationships.

As a creative individual, it is especially difficult to find like-minded people who share a common interest and outlook on life.  It is difficult for someone to understand and share the same amount of passion as a creative, to an extent.

Now, I'm not saying two people should agree on and see everything eye-to-eye, but they should at least share an understanding as to what, how, and why creatives see the world in the way that they do.

Once a creative is understood by someone, it makes a relationship that much more easy to bloom and blossom.

It may take longer than what most people would like, but once two like-minded and creative individuals come together, their passion multiplies two-fold.

So give it time.  Create, share, love, and enjoy, and when someone comes along and can appreciate that as much as you, everything else will make sense.