We're Socially Complicated, But We Don't Have To Be

We're complicated and we shouldn't be.
We shouldn't have these walls or barriers, hidden meanings or secret messages, and we definitely shouldn't be second guessing everything that comes across our eyes or out of our mouths.

There was a time when someone said what they meant, and what they meant they said.
For example, men and women were simple in the past. If someone said "Sure, fine", it actually meant they were sure and everything was fine.

These days, if someone says "Fine", all hell seems to break loose and people's minds implode from the worry. Things are perceived in ways that just make life and living so much more complicated.

Don't complicate shit. Speak true and honest words, and if someone wants to worry, then let them. But it's when words aren't clear and meanings are misconstrued that the world becomes a complicated, bloody, tear-soaked mess.