Enigmatic Entitlement | Personal

Since living in Los Angeles (Hollywood more specifically), I've come to observe this oddly fascinating idealization that happens with the mentality of this culture's inhabitants.

I've witnessed, and observed this idealization personally - although as merely a reflection and not an outward-subjection - of people succumbing to the hype of over-centralized culture of pop and glam and celebrity personalities.

Generally, I think people feel entitled. I feel that, due to living in the infamous "Hollywood" scene and culture, and with the accolades that follow, people have and maybe display a sense of entitlement and belonging with the rich and famous.

I say this based on observations of the general public, whether it being in day-to-day actions or in high-profile situations. I also say this because I've started to feel this enigmatic entitlement of "I need to be / deserve to be with those rich and famous people".

There's a lot of reasons people come out to LA, including to be famous. However, I advise against embodying this sense of entitlement, especially long-before it's earned or deserved.