1 Year Of Living With My Girlfriend | Personal

1 year ago, my girlfriend Morgan and I made a big change in our lives: we moved halfway across country to live the California dream. We were excited for the great weather, job opportunities, improved lifestyle, and overall new experiences we would have.

So we did it! We planned, prepared, and made the leap. We were immediately graced by sunshine, ample career options, healthy living, and plenty of new experiences.

Speaking of new experiences: not only were we relocating geographically, but we were also changing from our single habitation to a co-ed situation.

Yep, I was going to be living with a girl. For like, a while...

I'm sure Morgan was thinking:


But hey, we are mature. This is something we'd obviously had talks about. It was just going to be different. How different you ask? Well this I did not know...

Here are some things I've discovered and learned after living with a girl for 1 year:

  1. Hair is EVERYWHERE.
    I was not aware of this shedding problem, but it's become apparent in no time. I find her hair on the shower wall, in the drains, on the floor, hiding in the carpet, woven into my freshly washed clothes, and often merging into my beard after a nights sleep. She's a brunette, so I not only feel it, but I see it more obviously. I suppose this is her way of showing me that I'll have a piece of her wherever I go...

  2. Everything smells good.
    My nose has been enlightened and exposed to so many new scents, and I won't lie: it's pretty great. From soaps and candles, to perfumes and lotions: everything in our place just has this pleasing aroma to it now. I'm sure it's largely done to cover up my boy scent, but it's kind of refreshing to come home and have our place smell wonderful.

  3. Tissues are always in stock.
    Not only can I not walk into a room without having a box of tissues handy, but every trip to the store consists of grabbing more boxes. I've never put so much thought into a thin paper square before, but I know that when Morgan stocks up, it's just her being thoughtful and caring.

  4. Grocery shopping and meals have improved.
    I'm no longer cooking or buying meals for 1. Apparently, there's these things called "recipes" (rec·i·pe - must be a French word) where you buy several "ingredients" and put them together to make a whole meal. It's quite nice, and I absolutely adore Morgan when she adds new ideas to a Pinterest board or our shared grocery list.

  5. Everything is a compromise.
    This is a great trait to practice and carry out in our lives. It's a fair way of talking through problems and agreeing on a solution. For instance: she wants to go to bed at 10:00pm every night, and I don't. So, we compromise, and now I go to bed at 10:00pm every night.

  6. I have a bedtime again.
    Yeah, you heard me, and so what? I've never been more rested in my life. Not only am I so kindly reminded every night - regardless if I'm doing something or not - that it's time for bed, but this woman is really milking the resting hours on weekends. Bed times? Sleeping in? Naps? This is a lifestyle change I think I could get used to.

Those things, among others, have certainly been a change and adjustment. However, I would be remiss if I didn't say I like it. I've truly enjoyed sharing a place and a life with Morgan. She's turned this house into a home, and this relationship into the start of a happy family.
Thank you, dear.